The Power of a Well-Trained Memory

Dear Reader! Today I’ve stumbled upon a new website that helps with memorising new things thanks to its intuitive state-of-the-art methodology and the technology behind it. Let me share my first impressions with you all!

The site is called Memrise ( and it’s totally free. It offers an incredibly large variety of courses and course materials, especially when it comes to language learning. From English through Chinese to German you will definitely find the language that rocks your boat. But if language learning is not your cup of tea, you might want to browse through the list of available courses. Here are a few titles I’ve picked out at random:

  1. Psychology
  2. Biology
  3. Literature
  4. Film
  5. Law
  6. Medicine and Healthcare

Or if you simply wish to improve your memory you’ll find a number of tools under the heading Memory training as well as other fun and enjoyable ways to waste your time away in a useful manner.

After you’ve selected your course you can start it immediately or postpone it to a later period. To do this, just press the pause icon on the top of the screen. You can return to your courses anytime and with the help of Android and IOS anywhere (provided that you have a net connection, since the site automatically stores your progress.

But how does the site’s education system work? To simply put it: the courses you choose teach you a number of things whether they be words, equations or dates. After a certain time period within the given course the programme will ask you to practise what it has taught you. Let me give you an example: let’s say you want to learn German (like I do; you know, an advanced level of German always comes in handy 😉 ) and you’ve just learnt five words.

Memrise will teach you two words at a time and then make you repeat those words by writing them down (providing you with the language specific letters, such as ä or ß, for German), or by choosing the correct word from a list of words. After three or four repetitions per word you may continue your “quest for the holy grail”. After you finish a session you can always ask for a review of that particular session. In addition, the programme is going to offer you the following possibilities for studying: you can choose between 5, 15 or  45 minutes of practice per day. Isn’t that something nicely fitted to your demands?

If you want to gain more from the site you can always go pro by paying a monthly “tuition” of $9, or if you feel so inclined, you can pay off a whole year by spending $59. Both options will enable you to get a more personalised teaching that is tailored to your specific needs in any subject matter.

I hope you are going to enjoy this site as much as I do. I’m sure I’ll return to that site for my daily dose of personal education. How about you?



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