The Start of Something New

Dear Reader!

I believe it’s high time I introduced my fledgeling podcast to the wider audience. The title of the podcast is Fluent English Now! and as the title suggests, my goal as an ex-teacher of English, is to give a hand to those non-native speakers of English who are strugling with fluent speech in English. The concept of the podcast is, that by introducing communication strategies along with an ever-growing vocabulary, one can achieve a greater level speech fluency in English as well as other languages.

I’ll release a new episode every two weeks, for now. In the future, I might make an episode per week, if the reception is positive and there’s an actual demand for my content. To indicate such need, please leave me a constructive remark or opinion after the questions of each episode left on Spotify. Also don’t forget to leave me a rating after each episode for me to see if the direction the show’s heading towards is acceptable or not.

I’m going to leave a few links below, where you can listen to my podcast on a number of podcast players. The podcast is currently available on the following podcast players:, who made it possible for my podcast to start its journey (

spotify (

Apple Podcasts (

Google Podcasts (

Breaker (

Castbox (

Pocket Casts (

RadioPublic (

With that being said, I announce to you, that the first episode of Fluent English Now! has been officially released as of 12th November 2021!

So, until next time, dear reader, keep speaking English! 🙂