Need a free e-book? Or an article? Come, get some!

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In the present days, when there’s a global pandemic raging on, one might have a certain desire. A desire to read something noteworthy. With books and articles being created and published almost daily, one has to wonder will they ever have issues finding said written goods online? Especially with a free access to said content. At a single site. In this blog post I’m going to introduce you to an awesome site where your question will be answered with a definite YES.

A Russian friend of mine – who also happens to be a teacher of English – once shared the key to a hidden virtual treasure trove with me. The site doesn’t promise either more, or less, than to bring plenty of articles and e-books to your screen. From a multitude of sources. In a wide variety of formats. With the possibility to convert the original content to said different formats. Or just drop them to Google Drive with a few clicks. And finally, a channel to send your next reading to your Kindle device or email address in a matter of minutes, provided you become more than just a simple reader.

Because with a mere browsing you’re only able to download a very small amount of books per day. However, after a free registration, your number of downloads increases by the double. And if that’s still not enough to satisfy your reading craving, you might want to consider throwing the team behind some of your virtual cash. It’s not a must, of course, but a simple donation. But if you do end up sending them some virtual dough, your generosity shall be returned a hundredfold or more, depending on the amount you can spare. With said donation, you’ll earn yourself an even greater number of downloads for a whole month and the above mentioned opportunity to send your freshly acquired reading to either your Kindle or your email.

And if you happen to send your donations during a fundraising campaign, then you my friend, hit the jackpot! For 30 days you’ll be able to download AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT of written goods. Besides helping the team to run the site smoothly and effortlessly.

So, want to read some? Then check out


Learning a language by watching films? Absolutely!

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Have you ever wondered if it could be possible to combine a great pastime activity, such as watching your favourite films and series with successfully and effortlessly learning a language? Me too! And a new app discovered just recently might do just that for us.

The app called Skeebdo ( offers a new way of picking up authentic English vocabulary from a number of multimedia sources. At the moment, it can offer its users an ever-growing number of films and series as hunting grounds, but it promises to boost its resources with YouTube videos in the future. As such, the app is best suited for modern language learners seeking out less boring and tedious means of getting familiar with real spoken English.

The way the app works is pretty simple: you start by picking a genre you’re interested in from a short list. This includes genres like fantasy, action, comedy or romantic. Then you choose a movie or series from another list and pick out five words you want to memorize and set the level of your expertise. Afterwards, it’s time for liftoff! The app will show you ready-made flashcard-style information with the pronunciation, meaning and the context for said word in the film/series. This way you’ll be able to get as much of your study sessions as textually possible.

The practice session works by either giving a definition of the word and listing the freshly acquired vocabulary to choose from by leaving a word behind and all the possible descriptions to match it. Later on you’ll be faced with a more challenging exercise where you get two letters of the word and the context and you need to fill in the missing letters.y available for both IOS and Android free of charge, but with the possibility of going pro after a subscription.

If you want to try out a newer way of studying English words, honing your skills in either writing and speaking by absorbing real life English (yes, slang words included!) then why not give Skeebdo ( a shot? Maybe you’ll even find your next film or series to watch next time you sit down to broaden your vocabulary.

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Skeebdo – Combining watching content
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