To the Polish Mother


(People demonstrate against the Polish government’s plan of tightening the abortion law in front of the Parliament in Warsaw, Poland April 3, 2016. Banner reads: “Hell of women continues”. REUTERS/Kuba Atys/Agencja Gazeta)

There is a crazy world out there. A world where one does simply not decide what to do with his/her own life. Or the life of their future child, as is the case in Poland.

The leading members of the Polish Catholic Church have pushed forward a demanding message. A clear message: regardless where a future baby originates from – whether they are the results of a “bit too strong love bond” between members of a family, or of a street (gang)rape – the child must be delivered into this world. Even if it means the death of the mother and the child.

What a Christian way of increasing the number of churchgoers! Even if it means sitting on the isles with your retarded children begotten by people you don’t know, or never wanted to be your children’s father.

Brave New Poland!

P.S.: And people wonder why I’m not a “true servant of the Lord”. Here’s a hint: I wish to think for myself and my future children. Amen.


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