My new PayPal Account is Ready!

Dear Reader!

After the launch of my very first podcast, Fluent English Now! I have finally set up a PayPal account for the financial support and development of both my blog and my podcast. Hopefully, with the support of an international community and the global brand of PayPal, as well as Transferwise, I’ll be able not only to maintain both forums for you to develop your English speaking skills but also to upgrade my gear for said process.

I’m thinking of buying a microphone for a better audio experience for you, dear reader (and listener) as a first major investment. But then again, I might consider buying a Grammarly premium account to provide you with more quality and spell-checked written content.

These were just a few of my ideas of a possible future investment to kick up the level of quality and content of my channels a notch.

If you wish to support my project of bringing the non-English speakers of the world closer to one another, as well as their English speaking counterparts, by teaching communication strategies, you can do so by using the QR code of my PayPal account.

So, do you have any recommendations for me to build both a better blog and podcast at the same time FOR YOU? Please, share your thoughts with me here in the comment section.

And until next time, keep speaking English!


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