How to Learn Sentences, Rather than Words?

Dear Reader! We have all been there: trying to memorize a whole bunch of words and phrases just to be able to speak in front of the class or to try to give our best during a language test, maybe a presentation. When such occasions arise we either try to cram in as much as we could inside our heads, or just to give up at all.

But some sought out alternative solutions to studying just words and fixed expressions. Let’s see one of these alternative solutions: introducing Clozemaster!


Clozemaster is a pretty neat way of studying a language right from the start. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, the game-like features, the UI, the 8-bit dashboard will definitely grab your attention, especially if you are into retro gaming style. What’s more, you will level up after each time you successfully reach the end of a level (see my first pic on my current level).

Screenshot_2018-08-14 Learning Deutsch From Magyar
My current level as a deutsch Student. 🙂

The free users can only practise their vocabulary, while premium users have access to both listening and speaking activities as well. In addition, you can choose between multiple choice like tests and text inputs, the latter one rewarding you with double the points than the previous one, every time you score points.

So, instead of just rote learning one word after another, you can see the words working together to form complex and natural sentences. Some are easier and you can quickly anchor them down in your head while others require a bit more patience and practice, depending on the level you’re studying, your mother tongue and your language skills. But fear not! For Clozemaster always showes you the correct result and takes you back to the sentence that needs more practice right before the end of the round. And if you need more, feel free to review all the sentences you have mustered so far! Or go for a ride on the wave of grammar challenges where the task is the same, but you will be required to do a bit of an accuracy tests instead. 😉

The sheer number of learnable languages on the site is rather staggering. As an English speaker you can learn from Afrikaans and Arabic through Greek and Hungarian to Welsh and Yiddish!

Screenshot_2018-08-15 Learn language in context - Clozemaster
All the languages you can learn as an English speaker.

Finally, here are a few screenshots of my dashboard and my score. I’m studying German at the moment with the help of the site and I enjoy it greatly! 🙂

Screenshot_2018-08-14 Learn language in context - Clozemaster
My dashboard with all the current functions available.
Screenshot_2018-08-14 Learning Deutsch From Magyar(1)
My stats and progress bar.

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