A website for those who want to reach the next level of English

I came upon a very useful website a few year before and immediately decided to re-post the posts it shares on Facebook with other fellow teachers of English and students eager to add some more to their knowledge of this language. This site was Fluent Land. (https://www.fluentland.com/)

Fluent Land caters for a number different needs, whether they are coming from teachers of English or students of the language:

  • It provides you with a place to practice different language skills from grammar and listening to vocabulary and pronunciation (the latter one can be practiced on either a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced level).
  • It offers both TOEFL and IELTS practice material.
  • It helps both your students and you, too with a variety of language games that aim at improving the different skills of language users.
  • In addition, it is not only a site for language learning, but also for getting to know other teachers and students from around the globe. Both the forum and their blog are open to new ideas brought together by the many.
  • Finally, it let’s you search their online database of users to find either the right language teacher for your personal needs or the next foreign language that you want to study. 

Screenshot_2018-07-24 Fluent Land – Online Language Learning Community

What I found really cool about this site is the sheer number of great material that you can browse online and print out as educational aid. My favourite section is the vocabulary part of their blog (http://www.fluentland.com/english-vocabulary-lessons/): from here, they freely share their vocabulary materials on Facebook and of course, – one good turn deserves another, – the knowledge they so generously have imparted on us, is spread further thanks to the “Share” button.

If you want to find out more about their goodies and improve the level of English of those you work with every day, give it a spin! 🙂



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